Our Story

Established in 1996 in the Texas Hill Country as a small Pro Audio company focusing mainly on sound for small festivals and bands, Spygoat production is now able to provide services all over the world. A partnership with Nexo and Yamaha has furthered our capabilities and has enabled us to cover much larger concerts, broadcast and live events as well as AVL installations. Not forgetting our roots, we’re also able to handle Video and Lighting productions. 

Spygoat is dedicated to the craft of Audio. Our Engineers not only have good ears but understand the science and art of obtaining the sound you desire. We don't settle for just louder. We take the time to properly configure, and aline our equipment for the best possible experience for our customers and their audience. We have a nice list of satisfied and repeat customers.


What is a Spygoat?

A long time ago, in a land known as the Devil's Backbone at the very western edge of zip code 78666, very near Purgatory Road there lived a small band of Capra Hircus (Goats to you and me) that lived a carefree and peaceful existence on a piece of rocky land covered with beautiful scrub oaks and alive with songbirds. The owner of this land lived in it's very center on one square acre with a fence around it to keep the goats from wandering in and eating all the beautiful periwinkles growing around the house. In addition to the periwinkles, the land owner also had a beautiful garden of vegetables which the goats lusted after greatly.

Day in and day out the goats would congregate on the far side of the fence and plot to overthrow the land owner so the luscious tomatoes and melons could be theirs. But alas, the landowner was on to them and kept the gates locked and the fence in good repair.

One day the landowner had a guest with him sitting on the front porch. The guest, being the inquisitive sort asked,

"Why do those goats there yonder spy on you so?"

The landowner replied, "Those Spygoats? They have been spying on me since I moved here. They are plotting to overthrow me so they can eat my tomatoes and melons but they will never succeed because they are not organized enough to put their plans into action."

"Spygoats eh?", the guest replied, "Sounds like a great name for a company"

The landowner agreed and having a company without an adequate name he put two and two together and Spygoat® was born. 


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